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The How – The Work of the Collaborative

The Collaborative is about action. Attaining the goal of a transformed family justice system focused on family well-being will take years, but the work to achieve that goal starts NOW, builds on work already being done and is implemented through short-term well-organized projects undertaken by partners under the umbrella of the Collaborative.

A Space to Manage Wicked Challenges

Transforming systems does not happen easily. It involves wicked challenges such as:

  • collaborating and being open with organizations and people whose mandates, cultures and ways of doing things are different than your own – while maintaining clarity about the limits of your own mandate, culture and resources
  • stimulating actions among a wide variety of actors (let a 1,000 flowers bloom!) – while keeping track of those actions and integrating them so their transformative power is enhanced
  • shifting entrenched thinking that has become comfortable for many – while respecting people’s values and valuing their work
  • sharing power with people who have been systemically disempowered

The work of the Collaborative is to create a space to do all these things.

Common Vision, Principles & Objectives

One important factor in overcoming the barriers to collaborative action is articulating and sharing a strong common vision, principles and objectives. The Collaborative offers this in its Transform the Family Justice System (TFJS) Strategy Map. The work of the Collaborative will be done by organizations that commit to the vision and principles of the Collaborative and align, with others, around one or more of the objectives set out in the TFJS Strategy Map.

Tracking, Evaluating & Learning from Actions

Using a tool integrated with the TFJS Strategy Map, the Collaborative will track actions and link the actions to measures and targets connected to the TFJS strategic objectives.

The Collaborative’s Communities of Action are a focal point for learning from experience so that ever-better solutions will emerge.